about shinda boku no kanojo


shinda boku no kanojo ( my dead girlfriend ) are one of japanese NOISE POP bands. Currently, the band consists of Ishikawa (vocal & guitar) , Ideta (vocal & synthesizer) , Kinoshita ( guitar ) , Kawakami ( bass ) and Kunii ( drums ) .

the origin

shinda boku no kanojo (sometimes also referred to as my dead girlfriend in English ) were formed in Saitama in 2005 by Ishikawa (vocal & guitar) , Ideta (vocal & synthesizer) , Arakawa (guitar), Otsuka (bass) and Shimano(drums). Our first performance was at the Higashi Koenji LA CLUB to a crowd of approximately 10 people. Kinoshita (guitar) joined in early 2006, following the departure of Arakawa. We released 1st e.p. "2 songs + cassette tape e.p. / 6 songs from happy valley" on July 25, 2007.In that time, we professed ourselves "Desperate Shoegazer" or "Shoegazing Fundamentalist".


  • Location: Aomori
  • Photographer: None